Time Lapse Frame Shots

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What kind of camera do you have?
Seems like mine will do something similiar, but I'm pretty sure not that well.

Its a Panasonic... uhh... well it uses mini dv, and can take pics on cards... Model number is PV-DV203D

Really the best thing is the video/still capture software... If you take a 5 second still frame shot on tape, it comes out pretty clear and you can capture that and transfer it to your computer as a single still frame shot...

You can also play back frame by frame to capture like the above picture...

I use it alot for me and my friends skating
It's actually a digital video camera?
My digital still camera will do something like it but no where near as often; like 2 or three frames a second.
I would LOVE to have a video camera, but have absolutely no reason to have one other than I would like to.
Thanks, I'll see about eyeballing Panasonics as well as the Sonys I've looked at.
Yeah, really cool pics! Why were the last frames so blurred? Were you moving the camera?

I must chime in my $.02 - My Sony Digital still and Sony anaolg video cameras both broke 3 and 4 months, respectfully, after I bought them. I will never buy another Sony camera again!

my dads the person filming it, so yeah, he tried to move upward with the rocket so the whole frame is blurred alittle...

i also have adobe premier so i make a movie after every launch :D
I posted this picture before but I thought I'd post it again here because it shows a kind of cool effect you can get from rapid sequence pictures.

It's a picture of Sandman launching his Mini Astron Spaceplane.

It was shot with a digital video camera and then the pictures of the rocket itself from 2 subsequent frames were pasted onto the first frame in their correct locations.

Gives you a good idea of just how fast this thing was moving up the launch rod. :D

gotta love photoshop :D