Time Flies


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Dec 15, 2011
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Just realized, when posting in the last thread to which I contributed my useless $0.02, that I've been on this here forum a smidge over 5 years now.

Time certainly does fly.

Thank you all, for the discussions, debates, and yes, even the detractors. I've had the pleasure of meeting a few of you over the years, and it's been a blast. Here's hoping for another 5


Recap: 5 years...

Still with Nikki. Got my L2, and L3. Never did get an Aerotech igniter to fire on the first try. Figured out this whole glassing thing, and got myself comfortable with dual-deploy. I think I've only built 2 clusters in the interim, both black powder. Learned that I lied to myself when I'd never fly anything bigger than an I. Or a K. Bought a house, changed jobs--out of downtown, into the burbs--traded the heroin corners for strip malls. Acquired 3 sewing machines, taught myself to strip them to bare levers and screws and pins, and rebuild them so I could teach myself to sew on them because those big streamers of which I'm fond don't make themselves, and hey, can make parachutes, too--neat!-- but yet to get one that does anything other than a straight stitch. Heh.

So, to keep the lies to myself going...

"I'm never going to fly a motor fatter than 75mm."

Thanks, all. It's been a neat trip so far.



hornet driver

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May 1, 2011
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No kidding Coop! Six years ago for me when I came on board. I still average about two rockets a year, Deb still tolerates me, the dogs still let me in the door and Carl the turtle turned out to be Carla! I've met some great folks here and most of them have forgotten more than I will ever learn about this hobby. Looking forward to a few more years with ya'll---H