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Sep 1, 2004
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i got the tidal wave today and it is an amazing piece of kit for starters it is easy to use and ready to fly perfect for starters and it will take up to c6-7 motors.

Just curious, but are you just getting started into rocketry? I am not dismounting your like for this set, but I hope it is serving you well. Most experienced rocketeers tend to dislike RTF starter sets mainly because there is no hands-on involved in getting the rocket built.

I agree that most RTF kits are good for getting someone to *try* rocketry, but for some people they never get beyond the RTF stuff or venture further into the hobby.

Best of luck with your Tidal Wave rocket. You should check out some Skill Level 2 or any rocket that requires some hand tools. There's just something special about taking a pile of parts and making it fly!

Welcome ccookcookclan :D

Your right, I think the Tidal Wave is a very nice rocket. I would replace the shock cord with something thicker (1/4" eleastic from Walmart works great for this). Easy to fly, great for those launches where I can not launch my H, I, or J powered rockets.

I wouldn't use a C6-7. I think a C6-5 would be a better choice.
Yeh I tryed a 7second delay . It was wayyyyyy to long and snapped the shockcord ,the bt came in balisitc & the noescone floated off somewere :rolleyes:
Get yourself a kit and build your own model...much more satisfying! Welcome to the world of rocketry!
Welcome to TRF and to rocketry! You'll find this is a wonderful place for all ages and all skill levels in this hobby.

Don't be shy, ask away :)

yes i am goin to get big berther which is a skill level 1 kit. which apparently is a quality rocket. for kit level 1. please send back wat you think of it.

Another good kit is the Fat Boy.

You can get them at Wal-Mart or Meijer stores.

They also have engines (rocket motors) at a good price.