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Mar 1, 2009
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how do you guys feel about ticket agencies? myself, i've tried to get tickets to the patriots, the red sox, the BC hockey team, the BC football team, and almost every other decent venue in the city. but to no avail, there are no tickets available from the box office because they're sold out. however, there are AMPLE tickets available from ticket resellers, and since they corner the whole market, they price them up 1000% more than they paid. personally, i think it should not be allowed. this is their living, and so they know the dates of everything, when all the tickets go on-sale...blah blah blah....but what they're doing is limiting the games to people who have money. its really ticking me off. i can't get a decent ticket to anything anymore, and its not like they're all going to respectable people who just want to kick back and catch a game with their kid or their buddy. now the ticket agencies take them and try to pawn them to business owners, as an incentive for a tax wright off....its bull.
Have you tried the team box-offices? They usually have a large number that they hold for their own sales.

yeah right....around here its war for tickets....i just gave in a threw down 125 bucks for some standing room only tickets to the patriots on january second against the SF 49ers. no box office around here holds tickets. its insanity. these tickets were 40 bucks, i just bought one for 125. what is that...like 200something% markup. but i guess if you want to go to a game you have to pay...the best part is tailgating though. no doubt.
my dads friends have season knicks tickets from 2 years ago when everyone gave up, and every year he keeps renewing them so we get awesome seats almost any time we want :D :D :D
yeah...lol. but for good seats in basketball for season tickets, thats over a couple grand. they play a ton of games. lol. if the celtics were any good, then i might consider buying some of their tickets...but they're not good. lol. the bruins are out of town, the red sox won the WS so now the ticket prices are going way up, and as a result so are the ticket agencies prices, the pats won the superbowl twice in three years, so now they're all going way up, the BC football team is ranked top 25 finally, if it wasnt for syracuse....ARG!!!, the beanpot tournament is up to 100 bucks a ticket, 30 bucks is the face value. everything in this city is insanely expensive. hell, even concerts are like that.

Ticket prices are insane. I had season tickets to the Bruins back when Bobby Orr (the greatest player to ever have played IMHO)was still playing. Does that date me, or what?

Started out at $5.00 a seat for 40 home games. $400 for two seats was not too bad.

I had them for three years until I changed jobs and had to work nights. They had only gone up to $5.50 a seat the last year I had them.
oh man....you are one lucky guy having seen the greatest. orr was so amazing. i would've loved to see him play...ahh being young. but hey, i got brady to see now. lol. i went to the pats jacksonville game last year, that cost me 300 bucks, and that was a present for my dad. good seats though. guess who i bought the tickets from....a ticket agency. lol.
I have tix to all the major sports here in Denver (Broncos, Rockies, Nuggets, Avs) and I don't mind paying for it. I always have friends who will buy them if I don't use them. But I'm also getting 2% interest on my Avs ticket money :(

here in MA there's not a ticket in town thats affordable...lol. even the plays are crazy money. i think for front row seats to the wang to see the phantom of the opera its like...200 bucks...thats face, then the ticket agencies buy them all and resell them for 600 bucks. its goofy. i think it should be outlawed, or they should be restricted to marking them up no more than 10%. that way the average joe still has a shot at buying them.

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