Thunderbird colorized plans..finished.

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Feb 22, 2003
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I've finished colorizing and cleaning up the detail drawings that were posted the other day, and while I'm posting these for only a short time, I wanted to say thank you to El Chubbo for posting these, and a debt of gratitude to Jack Hagerty and Jon C. Rogers for his original work.

Prior to seeing these two drawings, I had many reservations about paying 65 bucks for the Spaceship Handbook - a fictional scale book (even though it has a ton of information), but after seeing the quality of these drawings, I will be purchasing the book that Mr. Hagerty and Mr. Rogers co-authored.

Like many, I own ROTW and the supplements, but I always wondered why color wasn't added to each drawing - instead of a legend with multiple striping and patterns to represent each color. Of course, a full color book would be 3 to 4 times as much, so I understand the whys and what-fors.

In the case of these two drawings, and especially TB 3's fin detail, its almost impossible to discern detail unless your looking at the drawing from a distance - or have access to quality images.

Fortunately, there are many sources online for CGI images, of which some are movie quality. My sincere thanks to the many 3D modellers for inspiring me, and to Gerry Anderson for creating the best TV series ever.

Color really does make the difference in these. Great Job....

p.s. what program did you use?

Thanks, glad you like them.

I cleaned them up and redid the lettering in Paint Shop Pro 7.2

My favorite graphics program. 8)

Very cool...I'm thinking of a bt 55 top body tube, transitioning to a bt 60, then and bt70...

I am scaling the drawings along with others I have...D power?