Thrustline- Pumpkin Head- Release!!

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Jul 23, 2002
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My thanks to John Mohney for helping me with the Beta test. I have just listed this on Ebay.

Rocket Name- Pumpkin Head
Height- 17.0
Airframe- BT60
Weight- 2.40 oz.
Rec Motors- C11-5, D12-5 (easy conversion for 18mm)
Anticipated Alt. 400-800
Recovery- 12" Mylar/ Optional Rip Stop
Decal- Yes

Retail- $16.85*

*Special for the month of April and May for TRF Members

$15.95 plus shipping and you get a free 12" Rip-Stop Nylon chute upgrade!!!!

Pumpkin Head Pic#1

Pumpkin Head #2
Ever seen Pumpkin Chucking? I think TLC or Discovery had it on. This kit reminds me of it - at first I thought the name would be Punkin' Chunkin' :)

WOW .... another great lookin' bird !

John, you seem to be in the midst of a rocket designing frenzy .... keep up the good work !!!!!!!
Not sure if this is kosher here or not, but what the hey... I'm giving a first-hand, un-asked-for plug.

It was my pleasure to test this kit for John. Good, robust, gracefully-simple design. Excellent instructions and parts - I took my time & built this one solid. It was a very fun build and an excellent first flight (though I should've had one of my daughters take an altitude reading...).

I have a feeling this one will be around in my inventory for a long time (unless I somehow manage to sacrifice it to the Wind, Tree, or CATO gods). I look forward to taking it to our next club launch here in Western Michigan. Weather is finally starting to look up.

I highly recommend the Punkin' Haid - and at this price with a ripstop upgrade, it's an excellent deal for the folks here at TRF. Again, nice job John...

JDM- Thank you for those great words!!
This might not be the best place for this but both you and all of the Beta testors have played an important part in building the inventory of Thrustline. Helping me with the Beta program has given me great insight and guidance.

Thanks Again!!;)
Oh yeah....I am definately budgeting this one onto the next paycheck! :)

After Whitakers, that is! :p

Congrats on the new release John, and congrats on the successful beta-test, John. Ironic...both youse guys is named John!


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