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Jul 23, 2002
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Another one off the boards!! This is the new F19 Night Fighter. It will be going out to Beta Test by the end off this week and should be available in April.

Name- F-19 Night Fighter
Motors- C11-5, D12-5
Length- 24.0"
Airframe- BT55 (1.325")
Recovery- 15" Mylar
Altitude Projections
Weight- 3.0 oz.

Now for the eye candy!!

F-19 #1
F-19 #2
F-19 #3 F-19#4
So let's see here... if the main body is a BT-55, then I should be able to cram an Aerotech 24mm RMS in there... hmmmm...:rolleyes:
Very beautiful! is the rocket she is holding...

I would agree with wwattles, an E18 24mm reload would rock! I like the design very much, it is a fresh one, great work flying_silverad. With someone for scale, that rocket seems huge
Originally posted by OKTurbo
Very nice!

No fair not painting it though.....

How about some decals with this one?!?!?


I am working on decals. I have to go aftermarket though so it's tough to match up decals of say a plastic model with this. I know this is going to be on the dark side...say gray, black, gray camo something like that. SUGGESTIONS ARE WELCOME!!
It looks like something from the Clint Eastwood movie "Firefox"... maybe black with bright red trim?


Is the canopy pre-shaped and included in the kit, or is a rough block of wood provided that needs to be shaped as such?
Originally posted by Fore Check

Is the canopy pre-shaped and included in the kit, or is a rough block of wood provided that needs to be shaped as such?

Same as the Panther. Pattern is included and instruction as well. The instruction are very well illustrated.:D
These great designs of yours just keep coming! :D

Keep it up!

What a great day. Windy, cloudy, drizzle....just the kind of day that you want when a more extreme flight test is needed. I loaded a C11-3 and hit the button.

Yeee Hawww! Right off the pad and straight as an arrow. The rocket did a 10 degree roll and stopped when the wings were facing the wind...too cool. In the wind gusts you could see the neat little buffeting it was taking, and all in stride. Perfect ejection! Wind was taking it quite a way down range. Into the stadium parking lot...right on the hard top. Not a scratch.

I drove the truck over and picked it up. There were three guys in the back office of the stadium watching and gave me a thumbs up!!

I am one happy camper.:D
Originally posted by astronboy
I like it!!

When will it be available for purchase?


Although flight tests are done, the beta test is in progress. As soon as I get an update, I'll post it here. My guess is about three weeks perhaps less.