Thrustline Mars Probe.

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Jan 17, 2009
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Smaller than I thought but lots of "stuff", mainly fins!

BT-50 main body a paper transition and 12 fins...12 FINS! and two rings.

Actually no gotchas for me...except the just have to figure out where you want to put them.

Only beef I'd have is no real pic of the final model to base decals on.

I didn't use all the decals or it would get to busy looking.

I like the translucent swirly wraps on the fins. Actually easier than I thought they would be to apply.

Man, 12 fins to cut big deal 'cause they are only 1/16" balsa...easy to cut.

A single color scheme makes painting easy. I did like the yellow and I had just enough left in a can...hmmm, maybe a little greenish...John Deer yellow.

You just have to paint the rings separate and glue them on after the paint drys.

She's really small...just crys to be "Upscaled"!

Now all I gotta do is fly it.:D
Sweet job Mr G! Those wraps on the body look awesome! And I think your choice of decal placement has worked brilliantley! Carnt wait to see some launch pics / review :D
Originally posted by sandman
The swirly wraps come with the model.

The wraps that I bought came with red and green too....for future projects.

Nice Job Sandman! The decals I left up to the builder, as I suspected, the builder did just fine!:D

Upscale. Yep, already working on a BT80 version. When I say working on, it'll be a while.