Thrust in the Dust 2009, Labor Day Weekend, Albuquerque, NM

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Feb 15, 2009
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The Albuquerque Rocket Society invites the public to come fly rockets at Thrust in the Dust 2009 over Labor Day weekend. Thrust in the Dust will take place on September 5th and 6th at the FAA-approved launch site in Rio Rancho, NM. All commercial high-power rocket motors, hybrids, and model rocket engines will be supported, with an FAA waiver to 15,000’ AGL. A free mini-engine model rocket kit will be given out to all kids over 5 years old. Planned events include an Estes Tomahawk mass ascension, hourly raffles and contests for: highest flight (under the 15,000' waiver), fastest flight, closest to one mile high, most flights, closest landing to the pad, and oddest rocket. On-site NAR and Tripoli memberships and high power flyer certifications will be available. Launch fees are $10 per family per day, or $15 for both days. Spectators are welcomed to watch for free. Equipment vendors are scheduled to be on-site selling LOC and Binder Design rocket kits, CTI and Aerotech motors, Quickburst ignition supplies and Estes model rocket motors. Sponsorship includes Hobbies N' Stuff, Hobby Proz, Art Applewhite Rockets, LOC Precision, Binder Design, Missile Works, Public Missiles, Eric Yaryan, NDRocket, Steve Nelson, and John Currens. There will be signs directing the public to the launch site posted along the travel route that begins by traveling west on King Blvd. from Unser Blvd. For more information please contact Jerry Cross at 505-228-6768 or visit