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Feb 19, 2009
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I just finished putting the decals on my Goblin Clone from ThrustAero. (Nice kit John!)

I never realized what a small rocket the Goblin was. Never seeing one in person, I always imagined it to be close to the size of a der Red Max. Nope...smaller...and with a D engine...NUTS!

It still needs a good coat of "Future" then it will really shine.

Here's a couple of pics. I'm still trying to get a handle on this new digital camera. It has way too many settings.



I really like the shade of yellow. Is it Krylon? Mine seems a little more orange...I really like yours better.....:D

Real nice job.

P.S. Your about 2 kits away:cool:
Yep....just good ole Krylon. I used about 2 coats of Rustoleum Gray automotive primer. This may be why it looks a little different. It's not as 'yellow' as when I've painted it over a white primer. It almost has a neon effect....sometimes things just work out...not usually....but sometimes.

So I'm moving up the "list". Make it a good one :D

Thanks for the compliments,

That looks like "Sunflower Yellow".

Same as mine

Very nice!
Reminds me of mine original goblin.. and the only D13 Cato I personally ever suffered. blew my poor goblin to pieces..
After that I've alway painted them orange & black...just a better "halloween" color scheme:D
are you telling me this goblin clone is a kit you can already buy together? please let me know where 2 get 1
If you mean buy together as in, already built I'm afraid that's next to improbable.
If you're refering to a kit to purchase with all the parts included, plus instructions. Checkout Thustline Aerospace
Ebay store site:

I personally don't own one, but I'm sure you can get a review for it on here or EMRR. I might add I have purchased an item form them and the service was good.
You can access Thrustline's web store (powered by eBay) here:

Just scroll through and you should find one. If there are no Goblin kits listed with a "Buy it Now" option, just send flying_silverado a pm or email and he'll sell you one.

He puts together a nice kit. The balsa nose cone looks like he gets it through BMS (I say this having ordered a few of those from BMS and having built this kit.) The BMS cone just comes a little "rough" so take a little extra time sanding and filling it and you'll get an outstanding finish. If you don't take the time to sand it a tad, it will look a little rough. That's just the nature of that BMS cone, I'm afraid......
Hey, flying_silverado!


It sounds like it's time to UP your advertising budget!

Ya got potential customers out there!:D

Check out is complete line!

Originally posted by n3tjm
...but you'd need a 8" diameter tube for that ;)

Come on Doug! THINK! (points at head like Dr. Evil)

We've got that handled already!


:D :D :D