Thrust-aero AEROBEE 300 and Quest HARPOON weather flights

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Jan 30, 2009
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While my main focus today was the first flight of my 24mm Mod RENEGADE, I did launch two other rockets to test wind conditions. First was the AEROBEE 300:
Flight was very high on B6-4...and floated a long time on nylon chute...with any wind I might not have gotten it back!:eek:
Liftoff on a C6-3: this flight was hunted like it was trying to lock on to some kind of target...probably all those fins! It DOES whistle through the airstream just like KARL said his does!:eek: :eek: The recovery was fine but you can't see the rocket because I took a shot just before touchdown and the trees obscure it from sight. Anyway, both of these confirmed that the wind conditions were favorable to try my 2-stage RENEGADE.:)
lol ! Thats next on my upscale list! I wish I launched her on less than a C now , maybe I would of got her back! I wonder what shes like with a 24mm motor mount & ttw ply fins?:p
BillE - your rockets are always sooooo nice!

what is that launch pad?
Originally posted by cls
BillE - your rockets are always sooooo nice!

what is that launch pad?

Looks like the Estes Pro Series Power Plex. It's a great LPR/MPR (under 2lbs) pad.

Nice work as always! Great looking birds you have there.