Thoughts on the Vaughn Launch Pad?

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Jan 26, 2009
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I was thinking of getting the Vaughn Launch Pad from Discount Hobbies. Anyone have one of these? If so, what kind of feedback can you offer about it? Worth the price? :confused:
Most of us don't bother getting our own FAA waivers so we only launch HPR with clubs that have already have pads. That limits my solo launchs to Class 1, LPR and MPR. For that, I built a pad from scraps laying around my shop and a few more $$$ for some 1/8" 3/16" and 1/4" rods.

I've never used that pad, so I can't comment on quality. For myself, it isn't worth the money, not because it's not a good pad, but it is a lot more pad then what I need for LPR & MPR. For a club looking for pads, it may be a great value.

Just my :2:
Thanks for the input. For the price its kinda overkill for a LPR or MPR launch. Looks like a good quality product tho. Think I may just go another route.
Took a look at their web site and I like their tri-pad. That will save me some change -- Thanks!