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Jun 6, 2009
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Today I watched "Failure is not an Option". I forgot that Apollo 12 was almost aborted due to a lightning strike!

I remember watching the launch of Apollo 12 on teevee.

It was very dark, very cloudy, very misty. It was raining HARD -- they showed people in the bleachers in raincoats and under umbrellas.

You could barely see the Saturn V through the mist on TV. When the engines lit up at T-8, everything lit up, but the ship climbed into the clouds 10 seconds or so after liftoff.

You couldn't see anything on screen, the chatter between the ground and the crew sounded normal, then at about 35 seconds in, Pete Conrad starts talking about "everything dropping out."


You could tell from the exchange the ground controllers didn't really have a grip on what was going on -- when they said, "Try switching SCE to AUX" it sounded like they were saying, "what the hell, it might work." :confused2: :confused2:

Then at first-stage staging, Conrad yells out, "I think we might have been hit by lightning," and at any second I was half expecting them to announce an abort. But as they continued to climb it sounded like they were getting their systems back, but it wasn't until a couple hours later before TLI when they figured out they were probably all right. :eek::eek:


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