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Jan 17, 2009
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Since I'm a BAR I've managed to find the few remaining kits from when I was born the first time and flew rockets. One of them is a Space Shuttle... but it doesn't have a tank/SRBs... It's just a shuttle. It takes an 18mm engine (as I recall it flew best (and only) on a C6-short). It has the airbrake in the deployed position in the tail, and the wing is a large composite of pieces of balsa. The one wing has a little flap glued in to make the rocket spin. The nose is a custom job with the cockpit molded in (blown plastic).
I've not managed to find any space shuttles in my searches that match it. Anyone? Anyone? echo? :)

PS- the parachute was "missing" so no help there on the maker.
Sounds like the good 'ol Estes version I STILL have.
I built this probably about 15-20 years ago. Has the original rubberband shockcord in it, yet today. She did one flight on a C6 and did a horizontal over a pond with a nice corkscrew. Landed just short of the otherside of the pond and was saved before it took on too much water. Gave the RC boat racers quite a thrill. ;)