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I think that's an old Estes "Phantom" kit. I remember those when I was a kid. It's basically a see-thru Alpha model made for teachers/group leaders as an instructional tool.

I'm not sure if it would make a very good flying model....

I think ejection gases and the plastic (lexan?) body tube might not mix well
they dont... ive tried clear body tubes... nooo luck... very hot plastic...
I have one of those, I should start teaching kids with it I guess.

There was a woman on the ROL forums who had made a rocket completely out of Lexan called the "Glass Slipper" (it's Sue somethingorother--I can't remember her last name). She said she had good luck with it, except she had problems with the fins cracking on the playa out west.
The Estes Phantom would pobably not be your best choice as it is real thin plastic. One good ejection would probably blow it to bits. On the other hand if you were to plug an A8, you might get away with it.

However, consider visually tracking a transparent model.

I can't even see my screaming pink Maniac.

I have a phantom that I fly. It was modofied as follows: Replaced clear BT with BT-50 covered in chrome trim monokote, plugged NC with a balsa plug to keep ej gasses from clouding it. I also covered all of the engine mount bits with chrome monokote. It is nor all clear anymore, but looks really cool!