this candle needs a motor tube

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Sep 21, 2009
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I bought this Christmas candle last X-mas, it those candles that stand 3ft. tall and there is a light inside the flame, you put out in the yard, well anyway I found the candle again so I'm gonna put a 38mm mmt in it.:) since its plastic I really gonna rough it up so the epoxy will hold, I should have this done by Midwest Power 2:D
Those are fun rockets. I think one of the local guys has done it around here. Good luck. You might want to use screws just to add extra security to the mmt.
Instead of epoxy, use polyurethane glue (like Gorilla Glue) to attach CRs/tubing to the plastic candle. It takes a few hours to cure, but that can be accelerated if you have a warm, humid place (like an enclosed garage). A little bit goes a long way. Just remember to put wax paper underneath in case any poly glue leaks out! Don't worry to much about the glue expanding though--it can be easily cut or sanded to shape once cured. (Poly glue is great for attaching bulkheads in Crayon nose cones too!)

One thing i almost forgot about the poly glue: do NOT add water and/or wet the surfaces. I have found that it causes the glue to bubble up more than you probably want & doesn't seem to have as strong a grip. Just let it set (& for that matter, sit) with nothing added. If you have a nice hot garage or shed or room or whatever, it'll do its work just fine :) Humid areas help but aren't necessarily required.

The garage is usually humid, the one thing I dislike about the poly glue is the long set time.