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Jul 23, 2002
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Other than Saturn Press, who else has a good selection of books relating to rockets or missles. I have had some frustrating moments trying to search Barnes and Noble and Amazon. I am looking for books that talk about the details and the history.

I stopped by my local Barnes and Noble and asked if they had any books on the Saturn V. The lady looked a little perplexed and then said, "What year did they play?" My god, she thought it was a band! Maybe she thought I said the Jackson 5...:D

I have also looked for any "Janes" related books with no luck. I just finished a bookcase and need to start filling it. Please help!:D
Are you interested in space programs, or just the rockets and missiles?

Books on space programs I've read and enjoyed recently:

"A vertical empire" by C. N. Hill - British space programme up until the early 70s (there wasn't one after that).

"The Black Arrow Rocket: A History of a satellite launch vehicle and it's engines" by Douglas Millard (Has a bit of overlap with A vertical empire, but I'm fascinated with the Black Arrow ;) )

"Sputnik and the Soviet Space Challange" &
"The Soviet Space Race with Apollo", both by Asif Siddiqi - about the Soviet Space programme, up to the mid 70s

"Last man on the moon", by Eugene Cernan and Don Davis - Eugene Cernan's biography.

"Failure is not an option", by Gene Kranz - Mission control from mercury on thorugh the Gemmini & Apollo programmes.

"Two sides of the moon", by Dave Scott & Alexei Leonov - joint autobigraphies contrast the varying fortunes of the US and Soviet space programmes up until the ASTP.

Obviously my list is skewed towards my interests, but there are some great books aout there!

A good place to find reading lists, if you can stand the flame fests, is on
In amongst the vitriol, there _are_ some people on there with opinions worth hearing.
An interesting book I read recently is Creating Space by Mat Irvine from Apogee Books. It is the story of the space age told through models (plastic and flying). A great ressource if you plan on doing some PMC (Plastic Model Conversion). You can even use a plastic model for measurement, surface details and use some of the molded parts on a same scale flying model (nozzles ...).
Are you interested in space programs, or just the rockets and missiles?

Yes to both.
I know you probably already have it, but "Halfway to Anywhere" by you-know-who is a good one.

You have time to read???:confused:

OK, maybe while you're waiting for paint to dry.

Originally posted by sandman

You have time to read???:confused:

OK, maybe while you're waiting for paint to dry.


It's the only way I can fall asleep at night.:eek:
You have time to sleep too!:eek:

If you like videos get the new Disney Man in Space set.

But the best series is the HBO "From the Earth to the Moon".

If you can find the book, Willey Ley's "Rockets, Missles and Space Travel. kinda technical...that'll put ya to sleep.

You MUSt read " The Unbroken Chain" by Guenter Wendt & Russell Still

This is the same Guenter Wendt whom was the last to see the astronauts before they lifted off. His insight into NASA, the various missions, and jokes/pranks and general detail that happened at the Cape during his time there - from 1967 (when he started work for Rockwell for NASA after the Apollo fire) to 1989 is fantastic and yet a very light read. You'll laugh, shed a tear with some of the stories, but mostly you'll have a fondness for this gentleman that excedes the written word.

It comes with a CD on the inside back over that gives you a virtual tour of NASA by Guenter himself, and has images and other details.

$26.95 - new, but it was published in 2001. The ISBN is:

781896522845 by Apogee Books

"A Man on The Moon" by Andrew Chakin - A must read!!!

"Orbit" by Jay Apt - Stunning pictures of our home.