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Jan 28, 2009
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After two failures I fianlly certified level 2. My first attempt (Three years ago now) went up a mile and down a mile and 8 feet. My second (two years ago) also did not have a chute deploy but only broke in half.

Today my repaired Binder Velociraptor went up on a Cesaroni K650SS. It went up to 6500 feet. If we had not had a rocket tracker we would have never found it. It drifted about a mile and a 1/4. We tracked it into a forest. We finally found it by looking up. The chute was stuck 29.5 feet up in a tree. I know it was not 30 because it took all of the 30 recovery pole to get it down.

The only pic I have is on my cel phone and I am not smart enough to get it off the phone yet.

The people at Tripoli Southern Minesota were great as always and I thank my brother Paul who was sacrificed to the thousands of giant mosquitos. I also thank my wife who stayed home so I would be less worried about how long it takes to find a rocket even with a rocket hunter.
Holy cow! After 2 failures that takes some guts to really go for the gusto with a K. Very nice...I like it. Congrats!

Congrats!! Perseverance pays off.

Gutsy move.
Rocket tracker.... best investment a flier can make.
Saved my butt more than once and pays for itself every time you fly.

That kit is a great rocket!
After two failures I fianlly certified level 2.

Most definitely congratulations! Yep, once you start flying higher than you can easily see, a tracker is worth its weight in gold!
It was a pretty nice flight - was a bit windy out there. I think someone got a video of the launch as well - hopefully we'll see it soon!

Nice job - Congratulations!

I can't wait to get out there soon and cert L2 on my Binder Devastator - been so busy at work haven't had time to start the build yet though...
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