Things are baffling at FlisKits!

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Jan 17, 2009
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Well, along with the new centering rings we also received our samples of other rings.

FlisKits will be announcing a family of Ejection Baffles later this summer, but since I will be displaying and using them at tomorrow's CMASS launch I figured I would post about them here as well.

Right now I only have baffles for the BT-55, BT-60 and BT-70, but by the time we release we will be including a baffle for the BT-50 as well.

The baffles will have some elements common to other baffle kits you may have seen/used, but there will be a few distinct differences that we beleive improve the quality, strength and ease of assembly and use.

Additionally, each baffle kit will come with 3 feet of #90 kevlar thread so that you can update your *entire* recovery system with this one kit.

To promote sales of these kits, there will be a link to purchase a baffle kit of the appropriate size with each product description for model rocket kits containing a BT-50 or larger tube. At this time, our plan is to make it possible to purchase the kit *plus* baffle for less than the indivdual combined costs.

This and the next two replies show pictures of the baffles we are testing right now.

This first one is the BAF-55-013, shown with a US quarter for scale.
Originally posted by jflis
good stuff happenin' at FlisKits :)
Too right! :D

These baffles are a cool idea, Jim. I remember seeing them in some old catalogue on JimZ's, and thinking "Why don't we use them now?"
Very nice. It's about time someone did this.

(BTW...they look like those old "Mooo" toys we had as in Oklahoma at least) :D :D

Those look like the ones on the Centuri "Centurion".

Originally posted by OKTurbo
(BTW...they look like those old "Mooo" toys we had as in Oklahoma at least)
You're spot-on there! We had them over here - some of my earliest memories are of playing with them, and trying to suss out how they work. I'm glad to say that they are still available, and my little sis has got some 'Mooo' and 'Baaa' toys for my neice & nephew.
Baffle kits are used to cool the ejection gasses and block the hot particles before they can get to the parachute. The main goal is the elimination of recovery wadding.
A baffle that is located somewhat forward will also hold the parachute forward, and will improve the c.g./c.p. relationship of your rocket.