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Dec 29, 2003
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I was wondering if anyone had ever encountered this.

My construction box spent some time in the back of my car and my bottle of Elmer's wood glue froze hard. Now it's very thick and tacky even at room temperature. Do you think it has the same qualities as before? For gluing fins it seems much better, but I think it may not penetrate into the grain. It's definitely good for fillets.

Wood glue is water based. I suggest adding water to the container and mixing it. That should thin it out nicely. Or keep that for fillets and buy a new container:)
i would keep the stuff and use it as patch when you need to fill holes i.e. holes between engine tubes in a cluster...
Then mix well, let stand a day or so, stir some more

Every white or yellow (water based) glue that I have ever seen is too thick anyway, even straight out of a brand-new bottle.

If you thin these glues with a little water (and it doesn't take much), they soak into balsa and cardboard better, they soak into joints and assemblies better, they go on thinner and lighter, and the bottle lasts a little longer.