theoretical designing of the rockrt motors

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Mar 5, 2009
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Hello Dear friends
I have recently started to design rocket motors.
I need your help.please help me if possible.
I work often on the theoretical aspects of rocket designing.
I have searched in a few sites and a few text books.
I have designed a solid fuel motor,but i dont know if i have don it wright and completely, Because i have not found any reference in which general trend principles of designing is there.
The general trend that i have used for designing is attached as a few photos blow.
1-Please wrighting mistakes
2- and what is the wright method of rocket motor designing step by step.


an example for it:


Hello friend ,
Just find program SRM , its excel file and its easy to calculate your engines .
In my country we use it !
It has always been pretty much against the rules here on TRF to discuss making motors. I would suggest you check out Rocketry Planet:

They have several sections devoted to Experimental Motors, Sugar Motors and other related topics. They should be able to answer your questions - just not our area of expertise.

Unless you are trained in the art and have the proper facilities and observe the proper safety rules, making rocket motor can be dangerous to you, and to those around you. At TRF we do not discuss amateur motor manufacturing, and we do not encourage our readers to make them. The reason is that many of our readers are young and could be seriously hurt if they have an accident trying to make a motor. Commercial hobby motor manufacturers spent large amounts of money to make their facilities safe and compliant with government regulations, and the motors they sell to the public are independently tested and certified to be safe when used according to the instruction sheet accompanying the motors. Amateurs simply don't have the resources to duplicate this.

We welcome your participation in TRF, and are willing to help you understand rocketry and propulsion, but we hope you will refrain from posting this type of thread.

Bob Krech, TRF Propulsion Moderator
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