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Discussion in 'Themed Rockets' started by JAL3, Jun 30, 2012.

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    Some galleries are built around a "them". They may involve animals, crayons, food, or "whatever". What unites them is a common theme.

    Boost Gliders This is the place for those gliders that are launched into the air with rockets that detach an engine pod at apogee. Without getting into the minutiae of NAR contest rules, this will mean a part of the rocket other than the motor detaches. This is a working definition for TRF and should not be used for competitions, debates, bragging rights or any other purpose. It might also change!

    BT-80 As I understand it, if it is based on BT-80, it qualifies

    Carbon Fiber Rocket For rockets built primarily of carbon fiber

    Crayon/Pencil/Pen Rockets This is the place for those skywriters!

    Goonies For those derivatives of original designs that have been "cutiefied".

    Homade Fiberglass Rockets Just a wild guess: this one involves rockets made of fiberglass that are homebrew designs

    L1 Certification Rocket What did you fly to certify L1 (or attempt to certify)?

    L2 Certification Rocket What did you use or with what did you embarrass yourself?

    L3 Certification Rocket I think you can figure this one out!

    Mach Busters This is the place for all designs intended to fly faster than the speed of sound.

    MicroMaxx For showing off those projects that are best seen with a microscope! {1/8A, MicroMaxx, etc.}

    Most Unlikely Object to see in Flight (Odd-Rocs) For the decidedly odd

    New Way Rockets For the "Square" rockets from New Way

    nFNC Plain old fins and nose cone designs; you're not limited to 3 and 4

    Plastic Model Conversion (PMC) For those who like to take plastic models and turn them into torts!

    Pseudo-Ordnance Fantasy bombs, missiles, etc.

    Scratch Science Fiction It's not a kit, its not a plan set... but it ought to be if we want to be safe from the Galactic Overlord!

    Spools and Plates For when drag coefficients are irrelevant

    Sporting Implement Do you have a flying football? Basball? Goal Post? Tiddylwink? This is the place

    Tube Fins Tube fins. What else needs to be said?

    Upscale Tumbler I'm going to hazard a guess that this gallery features upscales of tumble recovery rockets. I assume that the rocket shown does not have to recover by tumbling. Let's throw it open to really large tumblers as well
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