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Fore Check

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Sep 24, 2010
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Well, since there were no threads about the NLCS, I thought I'd give my Cardinals some love after they gutted out an awesome series to clinch the NL pennant. (What was the big deal about the ALCS anyway? As much as the "center of the universe" - i.e. New York - regarded the NLCS as just another series, the ALCS was no more than the same in my book.)

On to the World Series!


Prediction: Redbirds in 6.
Hey forecheck, congrats on your Cards goin' to the world series!! Should be a good one. It's goin 7. It has to. All the hype and drama of the ALCS and the NLCS, if it went anything less it'd be anti-climatic.
Originally posted by hokkyokusei
Why is it called the "world" series anyway?

Simple American egotism, pretty much; remember the name was coined back in 1902 or thereabout. There's been some talk of a World Cup-type event, but as baaseball is an official Olympic sport, I doubt that'll happen.

Fore Check, congrats to your Cards. Anytime a series goes seven games, you know both teams gave all. All hail Prince Albert!!!
That was one great catch by Edmonds in the 2nd!!

I think the Cards will win it, but then I fogured on the Yanks being there too and I didn't give the Astros a shot at getting to the post season........Sooooooooo, I would advise anyone who has the inclination to place a wager, to take the Sox.

It's called the World Series because that what we want to call it
Card's in seven. Can't wait to see Ortiz flop around at first base when the series gets to St. Louis.
A quick Google found this:

Origin of the Name "World Series"

"One baseball myth that just won't die is that the "World Series" was named for the New York World newspaper, which supposedly sponsored the earliest contests. It didn't, and it wasn't.

In fact, the postseason series between the AL and NL champs was originally known as the "Championship of the World" or "World's Championship Series." That was shortened through usage to "World's Series" and finally to "World Series."

This usage can be traced through the annual baseball guides. Spalding's Base Ball Guide for 1887 reported the results of the 1886 postseason series between Chicago, champions of the National League, and St. Louis, champions of the American Association, under the heading "The World's Championship." As the editor noted, the two leagues "both entitle their championship contests each season as those for the base ball championship of the United States," so a more grandiose name was required to describe the postseason showdown between the two "champions of the United States."

But the Spalding Guide -- which, after all, was published by one of the world's largest sporting goods companies, with a vested interest in bringing baseball to other lands -- had grander ambitions. By 1890, the Spalding Guide was explaining that "[t]he base ball championship of the United States necessarily includes that of the entire world, though the time will come when Australia will step in as a rival, and after that country will come Great Britain; but all that is for the future."

This didn't happen, but the name "World's Championship Series" stuck. Reporting on the first modern postseason series, the Red Sox-Pirates battle of 1903, the 1904 Reach Guide called it the "World's Championship Series." By 1912, Reach's headline spoke of the "World's Series," while editor Francis Richter's text still referred to the "World's Championship Series." The Reach Guide switched from "World's Series" to "World Series" in 1931, retaining the modern usage through its merger with the Spalding Guide and through its final issue in 1941. The separately-edited Spalding Guide used "World's Series" through 1916, switching to "World Series" in the 1917 edition.

The Spalding-Reach Guide was replaced as Major League Baseball's semi-official annual by the Sporting News Guide, first published in 1942. The Sporting News Guide used "World's Series" from 1942 through 1963, changing to "World Series" in the 1964 edition.

Moreover, the New York World never claimed any connection with postseason baseball. The World was a tabloid much given to flamboyant self-promotion. If it had been involved in any way with sponsoring a championship series, the fact would have been emblazoned across its sports pages for months. I reviewed every issue of the World for the months leading up to the 1903 and 1905 World's Championship Series -- there's not a word suggesting any link between the paper and the series."

Copyright © 2001-02 Doug Pappas. All rights reserved.
Originally published in the Fall 2001 issue of Outside the Lines, the SABR Business of Baseball Committee newsletter.
as us red sox fans have been singing our "wait till next year we'll get em next year song at the sight of the 3-0 deficit I personaly started singing only to eat piles of crow. so since this is the "next year" that we've all sung about the sox HAVE to win the world series. after all that wup a** they did to the yankees c'mon the cards are under the table. all done in five. :kill: :D
Originally posted by rocketdad0934
all done in five.

I'd like to see just that - except that I expect there to be *much* celebration in St. Louis when that 5th game ends.... :cool:

Here's a couple of stats that haven't been mentioned in this "Red Sox FINALLY beat the Yankees" euphoria:

The Cardinals had the best interleague record in baseball - with only one loss.

The Cardinals were the best road team in baseball.

That, coupled with the facts that the Cardinals are undefeated at home in the playoffs, and they have a *much* better pitching staff and lineup than the Yankees, spells T-R-O-U-B-L-E for a team and town that is acting as if they won it all already.
And another thing:

Everyone knows that the Cardinals have a potent lineup. What I haven't heard anyone mention is that when games are played at Fenway, that lineup gets *better* because the Cards get to use a DH in place of their pitcher. And their DH will probably bat near the bottom of the order, because their top offensive players are gold-glove caliber position players.

So - a great lineup gets better in Boston, and Boston's defense and lineup both get weaker when the games are played in St. Louis (while the Cards defense remains solid throughout.)

Hmmmm....... :p
The cards' my be undefeated at home in these playoffs, but thanx to the new All-Star game format, the Red Sox have home field advantage, meaning the Cards' only have 3 home games. Stats don't mean anything when it comes to the playoffs. Look at the 2002 Angels. I don't really care who wins, just trying to stir up the pot. :D ;) :D
Well, I assume Don Denkinger (sp?) is retired by now, so the AL will have to actually win the games!;)

Yes, I'm still a bit bitter about Game 6 in 1985!
I told my sister it would be the sox and cardinals in the world series before game 7 (alcs) started!

hehehehehe... I was right... Ok now I predict I will find a million dollars on my bedside table when I walk into my room

(walks into room)

(looks at table)

crap. :( thoght I had some serious rocket bucks for a second there... :( :D

Yes,definetly just crazy americans thinking we are the center of the universe. It would be interesting to have some european and asian countries have a shot, but it would cost quite a bit to go across the pond for every other away game...
The solution to that: A floating stadium in the middle of the oceans.
I remember telling my wife that I hope the Cards win the NLCS cuz they're such a good team (the cards are my fav NL team of all, since i was a kid), then I thought, no, I hope the Astro's win cuz the Cards can beat the Sox...

It'll be an interesting series, that's for sure.

Heck, The Yanks had the ALCS hands down, and *everybody* *KNEW* it :D
Whats up with all that disgusting looking sticky crap on the Bosox' batting helmets?????
It was strange to see the goofy chin hair on a couple of the players too.
For awhile there, it looked like the amish were up to bat.
Or Carmen Electra's hubby was pinch-hitting!!! :)
Someone higher up must've said something, as the growths were trimmed down for the last 2 games.

The NHL players have their "playoff" beards, maybe that's where they got it.
that "sticky crap" on their helmets is pine-tar, used on the grip of the bat to help the batter keep hold of the bat during the swing. It gets on your hands, then on your helmet. Most clean it off. Most BoSox players feel it is bad luck and leave it alone all season long... :)
I can't believe the sox pulled that one off. I saw Rameriz make some pretty cloppy moves and all of a sudden the score is tied. Couldn't watch after that....then they won. Go figure.
oh my god, manny is the most moronic outfielder. he makes all the easy plays look hard. and what was with him planting his foot and doing a summersault? lol. thank god we won, there were 4 errors for us in that game.
Only one question:

What was Tavarez *thinking* when he tried to go inside on Bellhorn one more time? :rolleyes:
Originally posted by Fore Check
Only one question:

What was Tavarez *thinking* when he tried to go inside on Bellhorn one more time? :rolleyes:

"I think I can, I think I can, I think I can, I think I can, I think I can, I think I can."
Well, if they can hold their own at home, I'll take my chances.

But right now, I just hope the Cards don't get swept.

What was up with Fox interviewing that old fan before last night's game saying the Sox "deserve" to win in a sweep? HUH?!?! If anyone "deserves" anything, the Cardinals deserve to win by default after what Denkinger did in 1985. The Cards won that series, and the stinkin' umpire took it away. Brutal. (Can you tell I'm still bitter about that one?)
Originally posted by Fore Check
Only one question:

What was Tavarez *thinking* when he tried to go inside on Bellhorn one more time? :rolleyes:

"I just saved a bunch of money by switching to Geico."
uhh, fore check, thats absolutely minescule to bill buckner. the most retarded play in sports history.