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May 25, 2004
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Here are some vintage photos of the V2, I’m probably sure you have seen most of these but I love them.


Cool ! Those motors haul some a$$ ! Does anyone know a rough estimate what motor & total impulse?
V-2 engine's total impulse is 18,900,000 N-sec

it's NAR designation would be an X2700,000-150

This is according to Peter Alway's "Rockets Of The World".

those are some very cool pics, thanks for sharing them, thats one powerful motor, did the V-2 use oxygen and Kerosene?
Those interested in the V-2 really ought to take a look at Among other things, it has answers to all the above questions, plus colour schemes. :)

"col-pic-2.jpg" and "col-pic-4.jpg" show the standard service ragged camouflage pattern.
"col-pic-3.jpg" shows two specimens in the wavy pattern and one in the later field test pattern. "col-pic-5.jpg" shows another three in field test markings. "meillerw01.jpg" shows another specimen of the wavy pattern.
"v2flight.jpg" shows one of the black and white patterns - and if it's horizontal, it's either going so fast that it should have been impossible to photograph, or it's probably about to crash. ;)

The website also has a diagram from Pete Alway's "Rockets of the World", plus a fact sheet presumably scanned from a type-written document. These will tell you the dimensions of the V-2.

Also highly recommended: Pete Alway's supplemental booklet "In The Shadow of the V-2", which has plans for a load of V-2 derivatives - German, American and Russian.

Has anyone any ideas on how to light 9,000,000 A's? :D
Does anyone know of a website that offers a 18mm version of the V2? I know I have seen on but can't remember what the address is.
Also, JimZ has plans for the Estes version, based on a BT 55, and Balsa Machine Service sells nose and tail cones to fit.
Originally posted by adrian
Has anyone any ideas on how to light 9,000,000 A's? :D
A single Estes igniter and a lot of Quickmatch. I would NOT suggest using the Electron Beam controller - the leads are a tad too short for my liking :D