The Time has came...K-6 Ranger Build Thread

Discussion in 'Low Power Rocketry (LPR)' started by Woody's Workshop, Nov 5, 2018.

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    Woody's Workshop

    Woody's Workshop

    Woody's Workshop

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    I have 3 on the bench that will be coming off in the next day or 2.
    I have one that just needs launch lugs.
    And the Heat Seeker needs the papered fins with tabs coated with glue and sanded.
    Since I usually have anywhere from 4 to 8 builds going at a time during a building spree...
    I decided to make good on a promise.
    The K-6 Ranger was sent to me (forget whom it was) with promise to do a build thread.
    The nose cone was chewed up by a mouse, but a replacement was ordered from eRockets/Semroc.
    As soon as I have room on the bench I'll start taking pictures and posting them.

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