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Mar 14, 2004
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I decided to bash together lots of Estes parts beefed up to handle at least MPR if not better. I named it for the Skunk Works since it's the kind of hardware hack they do.

I started with creating a heavy duty engine mount/boat tail/slotted body/fin-to-MMT design. Doubled 240 pound kevlar for shock cord anchor, epoxied to the MMT.
Motor section, with lower section of body (there'd be two; 1.6") plus optional payload section. The lower tube got slotted all the way to the aft end so it would slide down over the fins and onto the boat tail.
With the elastic end (doubled 1/4" elastic) tied to the kevlar and the upper body half in place, I put in this anti-zipper device. It's 4" of 13mm tube, tied off so that when the kevlar is fully extended this tube is half in/half out of the top of the body. It'll be tough to zipped a half-inch tube through a 1.5" tube.
Completed, in testing configuration, with nose hooked to recovery.
And in final cofiguration, with payload section instead of plain nose.