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Dec 13, 2011
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Georgetown, TX
I just saw a copy of 'The Rocket Team' by Frederick Ordway and Mitchell Sharpe at Barnes & Noble. The 2003 edition includes a DVD with segments on rocket flights from the 1920s - 1960s, two lectures by von Braun, footage of Redstone and Saturn launches and other information. Any feedback from anyone who has read it?

Thanks in advance!
Absolutely excellent on the German rocket program, what led up to the V1 and V2, and how they developed during the war (this is the major focus of the book). Also excellent on what happened to the Germans who went (were taken) to Russia after the war, and their influence (or mostly lack of influence) on Russian space development.

I was hoping for a bit more on the development, design considerations, etc. of the Redstone and Saturn series but the book concentrates more on the personnel and less on the machines after the war.

Definitely worth buying and reading as it contains lots of information not found elsewhere. Even if you've read a ton of books about the US space program, you'll find most of this material new.