the return of Arther Dent

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arthur dent

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Jun 27, 2003
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After an enforced period of cyberspace banishment im delighted to back amongst the finest bunch of rocketeers in the world.My wonderfull ISP decided i did'nt excist and when calling on the phone i was repeatedly asked to send an E-mail.I wrote to the gas board about it but they said"it's got nothing to do with us"

Happy launches
:) :) :)
Welcome back!

Now Arthur, tell me, what do those green spongy things really taste like? Ford seemed to like them, but they always looked pretty gross to me!

Welcome back! Have fun hitch-hiking? :D

Hows the explosive liscence application going?


PS: :eek: You missed the chat! ;)
Good to see you back, John. You have been noticable by your absence! :D

It is a pity we haven't got Esther Ranzen & Thats Life to sort our problems out for us anymore. Not only would they have blamed the gas board, but they would have followed the story with a humerously shaped vegetable and Doc laughing at a photo of a cafe in the far east called 'Poo-Willie'. - You have reminded me, though; I *must* get another copy of Hedgehog Sandwich. I haven't heard it for years!...
Since he forgot his robe, I didn't realize Dent was missing.

nope,I've just been banging my head against a brickwall.

Would you like a bag on your head