The return of Apollo 13

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Jan 17, 2009
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Today marks the anniversary of the safe return of Apollo 13. I remember the day clear as a bell.

It was such a strange feeling watching the movie with Tom Hanks as they did such a great job in capturing the emotion of the moment.
By amazing coincidence the finals of the Rocketry Mach Madness is today . I thought Dueces was going to win hands down but it looks like there is a lot of rocket patriotism here.
It looks like Estes Saturn V is going to beat the Interceptor. The Saturn was an amazing craft.
One engine on the Saturn equaled all of the the engines(thrust) of the Space Shuttle.
Now that all the TRF'ers have voted that the Estes Saturn is there favorite....
..... I wonder if there is a company out there that could make a quality clone of one..........Who could it be..............Who could it be.......
I got Mr. Lovel to sign my copy of Lost Moon when he did his book tour. he was in the Matropolis of Plymouth IN. (pop 8,000+-) Original value $25.00 current value Priceless.
Mr. Bob
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NASA's finest moment.

I still can't watch the movie without getting choked up.

I wounder if its a coincident that I finished my Saturn V tonight.
I stayed home from school that day of the Apollo - 13 return to earth; no way
in the world I was going to miss that (was in 7th grade). My Dad wrote my
excuse for the school, telling them that being part of history in the making was my reason for not attending school (accepted without questions).

I also have Lovell's autograph on two items, my book Apollo - 13 (from which
the movie starring Tom Hanks is based) and my VHS video Apollo - 13: Doomed Mission. Jim was in Houston back in 1997 or 1998 for a Sprint PCS
store grand opening next to West Oaks Mall.
A pity this anniversary was pushed well off the news reports by Columbine and Oklahoma City bombing anniversaries. The media is stoking the fires of some pet cause I guess.

I get choked up watching Apollo 13 too. Remembers prayers being offered for their safe return. I also played the CD soundtrack during my big demo for CAP last Summer.

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Around the time of the film my other half asked me 'did they get home safely?'. She really didn't know, bless her, even though she was in her late teens at the time. I can't inagine how anyone on Earth managed to miss it.
I was 9 and the school 'Space Cadet' and persuaded the headmaster to leave the TV on all the time.