The "Post a scene, guess the movie" thread


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May 1, 2011
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Couple things.....

#3038 - I know this one for a few reasons. First off, the title is "Ten Who Dared". Second, I know the exact spot where this shot is taken from, as I lived in the area for 30 years and spent a lot of time "out there". Third, the film is rather infamous in Moab (the place where I lived) which has a rich movie-making history. One of the "stars"* is Kenny Ross, who (in real life) is much better known for his part in Colorado River rafting history (I am an ex-boatman who taught a lot of folks about this history - one of the boats I rowed was named "Kenny" after him). The film is about John Wesley Powell....who is also a of course a major part of Colorado River history. Lastly, the film is in fact pretty bad.

I think I'd like to see the boys in #3094 (the Hanson brothers from Slapshot) "play hockey" against that annoying fella in post #3060....yes that would be fun to watch.


* = Kenny was not a "star" but rather he doubled for the actor playing JWP in boating scenes.
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