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Mar 17, 2009
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With the recent pet threads I've been reading through here it's clear to me that there are plenty of animal lovers about. So I thought why not have a thread to show off our pets...

Below are:

Kitty (orange)
Goliath (black)
O'Malley (white)

and can guess which one he is.



Okay, I'll play:

Satie (Red Queensland Healer) Turn-Key Dog--does anything I tell her to, spot on.

Fred, aka Fast Freddie (Rat Terrior/???? maybe Dachsund) Famed escape artist and tennis ball stripper.

Spike for the white tip on his tail and he was the toughest in the litter

Rocket (littermate to Spike) for the way she would sprint from zero to mach1 when she was little.




From left to right: Caramel the Guinea Pig, Lucy the Guinea Pig and Frederick the Fish - none of which are too good at fetching tennis balls.



My English Bull Terrier Kain :D Max my 20 year old Cat with Kain, Ty my 24lb Cat with me cutting fin slots, And I have a 3rd Cat Mya.
2522[2].jpgaf29[1].jpgDSCN01820074.jpgPicture 010.jpg
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Simon, the bestest kitty in the world! He's a Ragdoll, giant, fluffy, nice, and a bag of water when you pick him up. He just turned 3 today. And then Marty, the 10 year old jack russel terrier, he's scared of everything.

(The cat chases the dog btw, and wins)

Olympus 116.jpg

RP 021.jpg
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2 Dogs here, Astro is a Bouiver des Flandres and Duke my Giant Schnauzer.
I have 3 hounds..Unfortunately I lost all of the pictures on my computer a while back when my C: drive crashed on me..The matriarch of the group is my beagle/chow mix and her name is Cuddles, she is going on 15..Then I have a big white fluff ball samoyed(I think he is a pure bred-not sure as he was a stray) that I named Buddy..The newest member of the group is Buster, a lab/boxer/??? mix..He is almost 2, and he was a stray as well..In fact all 3 were strays now that I think about it. Cuddles was picked up from the local kennel, and Buddy and Buster I found wondering around my work site and I brought them home..LOL..

Here is a picture of Buster..This was when I first got him..He hasn't changed all that much, just a tad bit bigger..Will try and take pictures of the other 2 and post them this weekend..

George, my final feline: Master Shedder, Construction Supervisor.

After we lost my wife's dachund back in 2000, Cassie adopted us. She had been abused and dumped, but she is the now rather plump calico in the photos. Effie was the runt of the litter that was found near my wife's school. She is the dark cat. Cindy and I rescued the white and gray tabby last November from a storm sewer. Naturally, we named her Stormie.
Still waiting on another dachund....



Here are mine Daisy is a year old bulldog.

Next is Duncan. We lost him 6 months ago, he is still missed greatly.

last is my pet dagget, muffit.



My two Great Danes, the marlequin is Marley, and the black one is Cyrus. I also have two rats, Ruby and and Danica, but don't have good pics of them.


My two cairns, Douglas Oliver Gillard (DOG), and Rusty. the pic does not do them justice, these are the best dogs in the world, and my best friends- after the wife and kids.

My two cairns, Douglas Oliver Gillard (DOG), and Rusty. the pic does not do them justice, these are the best dogs in the world, and my best friends- after the wife and kids.

Don't Worry I'm sure the wife and kids aren't reading this thread. ;)
Our Siberian Huskies, Zeus (left) and Athena. We lost Athena to cancer two days before Thanksgiving. Zeus is still going strong at 11 years old.

Then we have Sprite, our Shetland Sheepdog.


Here's my Einstein (no, he does not live up to his name...) We got him as a puppy about 7 years ago. He's a sweety :)

We'll we have no human children. SO, we make up for it with cats and dogs. We have too many to post phtoos of them all. But, here are some of the better pics.

In order of appearance...............

Chester lounging in the crook of a mimosa tree
Hannah assisting me with the dry fit of my L3 fin can.
Calliope and Bella. This was taken shortly after we got Calliope, the Callico with the feet and the day we got Bella. Yes, Bella's eyes are still blue.
Hannah and Bella the day she arrived. Hannah was not too sure about the little one. It took a while. But they are buddies now.

Total head count, 8 cats, two dogs one aquarium and all the birds and squirrels in the yard. .And in case you're wondering, they are all spoiled rotten. Of course, it's my wife's fault. :D



7 Dry fit fin can.jpg


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Here's our cat Cassie, enjoying the Spring weather. And my sister's rabbits, Monty (white/grey) and Annie (white/black).



My pet is definitely not as cuddly as most that have been shown. This is my snapping turtle, Kildar, named after a character in a book I like. I'm not sure of the sex yet on this one. I've had it for about a year. It's pretty amazing how long its neck is. Unfortunately, it was being camera shy last night.

stuff 006.jpg

stuff 007.jpg
Here is my Ball Python Reggie, my German Shorthair Ellie, and Sweets, my gray mare.

I have another shorthair too but he is still a pup and I dont have any pics resized yet. I also have a Catahoula but he is just to darn ugly to take a picture of :)



I have another shorthair too but he is still a pup and I dont have any pics resized yet. I also have a Catahoula but he is just to darn ugly to take a picture of :)

Gotta see the Catahoula. My folks used to have a Queensland/Catahoula mix. She was tough as nails. Her Sire was a coyote killin' son-of-a-gun.
I'm a cat person. I like dogs and miss my great Dane but cats are my prefference.

Jezebel is the oldest. She has a bad foot fettish.

PuppyKat thinks she is a dog and has taken over the house. She's notorious for butting heads with SHE WHO MUST BE OBEYED.

Stacey just got Suki right before Christmas. I call her Poopy Dog. She is a mutt which was purchased for $150. Thus far her vet bills are just short of 3K (parvo when she was VERY young) and that has put a crimp in the rocketry budget but she's worth every penny.

I still miss Clyde though.


Picture 017.jpg

Picture 098.jpg

This is my buddy, Clyde. He's wonderfully behaved, eager to please but unfortunately doesn't enjoy rockets. (all I have to do is set a rocket on the floor and say "5...4...3..." and he will swiftly exit the room :D ).
(He was adopted from a local shelter...the poorguy was only 6 months old and in that time had been to two shelters, received his vaccinations and was neutered. Talk about a rough life! He had likely been abused as well, since if you raised your arm quickly or tried to pet him with your foot he would flinch. Now I shadow box with him and he doesn't even blink! :) )

I have 8 bunnys one is my favorite his name is Rocket. He always comes out of his cage and sits on my shoulder. Here is my new dog Tango, she is awesome!

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