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Mar 27, 2013
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Welcome to the Nosecone Archive.

Here's the idea that should help people clone old OOP kits, or create new designs that match their vision.

What it is. A repository of clear photos on a plain background of nosecone's from any and all manufacturers. In the photos, a US quarter AND a ruler should be included for scale. Remember that some rulers are longer than others (and that can be hard to tell from some images), but a quarter is always a constant dimension), with the part number and/or name of it, all in one place. So, when someone is talking about the XYZ's BNC-##XX nosecone, and you can't remember what that was, you could just look it up here. Please remember to include the shoulder of the nosecone in the image.

Some guidelines:

Please only one nosecone diameter per image. Don't mix nosecones that use different body tubes in a single image.

While unpainted nosecone are most desirable, there may be instances where painted ones are the only example available. So, please... Post 'em if you've got 'em.

For complex nosecones, multiple photos would be appreciated to document nosecones that represent space capsules, cockpits, odd Sci Fi shapes, or other oddities.

For nosecones that are assembled from parts (e.g. the Mercury space capsule), images of the unassembled and assembled nosecone will be useful especially for those who may have lost or damaged parts.

In the event that the shape of one nosecone has evolved over time (e.g. the PNC-60AH (2 piece injection molded nosecone and the 1 piece blow molded nosecone) or the PNC-50Y/YR), photos showing the progression will be especially useful.

As much as I'd like to personally have an example of each and every nosecone out there, there's little chance of that right now. I'll document what I can, but I'll need the help of others to find those rare gems for us to see.

I'll try to keep an index going of submissions on the second post, sorted by body tube size.

And remember...

Pointy Side UP!

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