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Papa Elf
Jan 21, 2009
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Penns Creek, PA

James Kirk learns the tricks of the trade by a veteran in the hobby. James designed this model himself... with some help building from his Dad (Jake). James wants to add "guns" to his "wings," so I am showing James how to make those details using dowel rods. I really do like his design, and I can't wait to see it fly in four weeks :). His twin brother does not show much interest in the hobby... but I understand that.. neither does mine ;)

This is what I love the most about the hobby... teaching. :)
That's cool!

By the way - did you plan the Star Trek theme of that thread? I thought Picard was the captain in The Next Generation - not James Kirk...

Cool we're getting more younger interest in the hobby.

maybe it could be "enterprising young rocketeer"
You know... I thought the same thing when I wrote this... but I wanted to call this thread the next generation because they young-uns' are the future of the hobby :).

The boys name is really James Kirk.
You're even more of a Star Trek Redneck if you know the initial on the tombstone Gary Mitchell made for Kirk on Delta Vega...:D