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Justin Horne

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Jun 23, 2004
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Being an avid Mac and Apple fan, I thought i'd say something. Apple just released their new iPod (4th gen.) Cheaper, better battery, click wheel. And it's stylish. :D Link I think it looks great. Metal scroll wheel even. Steve Jobs is on the cover of Newsweek holding it...:D

I was looking at these today. I'm thinking about buying the Belkin Media Reader and using the iPod as a lightweight image storage device when on vacation.

I can buy the 20GB and the Belkin Media Reader for around $480. That's a lot, lot cheaper than the comparable amount of storage space in Compact Flash cards.

The iPod is turning into a nice little device. I want to know when they are going to marry all these technologies into one nice little PDA.

Duke University is supplying all incoming freshmen (1650 of them) with iPods this year. The iPod is going to be filled with professor lectures, University information, etc. Really cool idea. With the Belkin microphone it instantly becomes a voice recorder. Really neat device. Lots of uses.
Yeah, that Belkin reader is really nice.. I'm getting a digital camera soon ( I actually can afford it any day now, I just hate spending money..:D) and would really like one. It's either pay alot for memory cards, or wait and buy an iPod and one of those..
I dunno if I'd like them to make a pda version kind though... It kinda stops the essence of iPod.. :D

That's a really neat idea about Duke. I didn't know that...