The Mrs. Said Yes to Amramm

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Jan 18, 2009
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YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHOOOOOOOOOOO the Mrs. gave me the AOKAY to Get a PLM Amramm3. OH OH OH so much to do so little time. OH MAN Im gonna POP!!!:D :D :D :D
Now you know what you have to do, right?

Youse gotta buy her an Estes Amraam! :D :D :D ;)

They are on eBay all the time!

or you could buy her a PML AMRAAM 4 ;)

or another scale missile LOL
Well if any one is gonna get a Amramm4 its gonna be me but im not complaining cause she will want me to get one eventully

That's great news man! Glad to see your gonna join the club. If you get one with CPR, make sure you get the parachute upgrade. Now, get the ole epoxy warmed up and ready to go! ;)

Welcome to this episode of.... "the Bowhunters"!!!!!! (theme song plays)! What you missed last episode: Mrs bowhunter takes a trip, promising Bowhunter pizza... He makes the highchair fly with rocket motors, so she punishes him by eating all the pizza in front of him... Or so he thought.... :D ;) :p

Ill go get the popcorn!!!!!:cool: :) ;)
I love this show.... :p

Good luck with the AMRAAM!!! Theyre not my fauvorite scale missile, but they still look good when people other than me build em!;) :D Decals hate me.... I can never get em to work right...

Are you going to get the Phenolic airframe and glass it, or are you going to go with teh stock Quantum tubing?:cool:
I'm just finishing up a build on my own Amraam 3. The weather's getting nice here now so I'm going to even paint this one! :D

Standard modifications to this model for mine: anti-zipper design with no piston, home-made altimeter bay, and foamed fin can.

This is a nice kit, I think you'll enjoy it.

haha LOL each try to outdo the other, building bigger more advanced rockets.....then one day one builds a scud, and the other a patriot.....what will be the outcome?

I thought they were competing for the higher post count;) :p
You know, you could have just built one from scratch.
But the PML one will be much better.
And bigger. :)

I scratch built this one. It's a BT60 with a cluster of 3 18mm motor mounts. It's been painted since this pic was taken, but still needs decals. I used a nose cone like the one on the Estes Stormcaster or Patriot.

Good luck with your build.

wow AMRAAMS seem to suddenly be so popular. big ones, little ones and everything in between.
No kiddin! I really dont see what the fuss is about... I dont like rockets with 2 sets of fins set so far apart, but to each his own. I made an Estes AMRAAM a while back. Lost it by CHAD staging a D12-0 to a C6-5.:cool: :D It was OUTTATHERE!!!!:D :cool: :rolleyes: :kill: