The most beautiful jet fighter ever made

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Lorenzo von Matterhorn
Jan 31, 2009
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USAF career advantages:

1. We send our officers to the fight.
2. The airfield is an ultra high value asset, so it is very well protected as are you by being there; also, it can't sink and, therefore, you can't be lost at sea or drown.
3. Your part in it does maximum damage to the enemy for your effort - many tons of precision targeted munitions worth; it can also save our ground troops from harm.
4. You work with (mostly) smart people.
5. Your housing and meals are typically very good.
6. Military jet airplanes are just cool.


Respectfully, you all have it wrong. Do not feel bad- the Air Force might have gotten it wrong too.

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Its all about the close air support

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I can't say much since I missed the "jet", but that is an attack plane. Hence the "A". But yeah, a sexy beast. They used to be stationed at nearby England Air Base. And the " Brrrrrrtt" was a common childhood sound for me since the range they practiced on was a few miles from where I grew up and I didn't move far away so I still see em flying around on occasion.
I have always liked the F-111. I remember them from when I was a kid. Not strictly a fighter though. Retired them a few years back :(


Fuel dump-and-burn was always a great thing to see at the airshows:

That history probably accounts for my current favourite aircraft being the B-1 Lancer!

I also quite like the L-39 Albatros, but only because I managed to do some aerobatics (on the stick) in one a while back :):):)
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Now THIS is a good looking jet:

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yes, I know, many will flame for for it being from the wrong side, but it is one sexy bird!

Naw... that's a close second... Here's a Sexy bird!!!

I can't seem to find any outstanding photos of it in anything other than the unpainted prototype. So, you'll have to live with this.



To my eyes, it looks like a cross between a F-15, a F-111, and a B-1...

On our side, I'm very partial to the F-111E (no odd looking pod hanging down from the weapons bay like you get on the F model).
Wow! This is a hard one to nail down to a singular jet fighter for me, though my little brother would probably agree with the OP as he was an F-16 Crew Chief when he was in the USAF. I never worked on fighters, I was a B-52H and B-2A Crew Chief when I was serving. From our own military some of my fav's have always been the F-86, any of the "Century Series" - F100, F101, F102, F104, F105, F106; the venerable F4, and the Navy's F14. Not picking "sides" I also like the Russian SU27 and the Mig21, the British Panavia Tornado and the Eurofighter Typhoon.
I believe that's the 35. The SU27 has side-by-side cockpit seating so the nose is a little wider.
Off-topic: Chris, do you have a system for cutting scoop tubes to mount at an angle like that? As in, how to generate the cutting template?