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The "Matt's Getting Kicked Out of the House" Sale--More added!

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That Darn College Student
Mar 18, 2012
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Alrighty, given that I'm running off to Huntsville this fall to study Mechanical/Aerospace, my mom has declared I have taken over too much of the garage with my workshop and need to get rid of stuff.

This will be added to as I collect more stuff that needs to be sold. Some stuff will be free, some stuff will be cheap.

Prices do not include shipping unless otherwise stated. I will combine shipping. Payment via Paypal/Cash/whatever you bribe me with.

First off, the rockets. I'll start out by saying I am not in any way a paint god like Nathan. On the contrary, I'm more of a paint demon. That being said, these rockets will look gorgeous if you put more than 5 minutes of work into the paint job like I did. Now, that's just the paint job. The rockets themselves are $%^& bulletproof.

First off, some sealed kits. A Semroc Swift and Semroc Yankee (basically the same thing except for fin shape).


$7 for 1, $12 for both. Buy both and you get a Semroc Yankee with every part except the body tube (aka motor mount, fins, nose cone, etc).

Next, my first larger rocket. This is a LOC Weasel, built stock.

NO motor retainer included (unless I can find my stash of them that are buring somewhere in this godforsaken garage).

As you can see, there is a bit of paint scuffing. No structural damage, however. The fillets may not look gorgeous, but they are 100% functional and they will not leave. Flown once on a CTI G106.

The kit new runs around the $50 range. I'd like to get $30 for this. It comes with a shock cord (1/8" kevlar from Fuddrucker).

Next, a 3D Rocketry Nautilus. Flown 1 time on an H410, 1 time on an E28.

Comes with an Estes motor retainer:

The kit runs $35, I'd like to get $18 for this.

Alrighty, next is a 1S lipo charger I bought on Amazon. Link: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00DDTL5T0/?tag=skimlinks_replacement-20

Plugs into a USB port and charges a 1S lipo. It's a nice charger, but I don't use 1S for anything (anymore at least... I'm still mad about that mistake at LDRS).
This is $5.

Some LOC 7.51"-75mm centering rings, 1/4" thickness.

These were like $10 a piece, I'll take $14 for both of them.

A 4" LOC/Precision plastic nose cone. Bought it on here from someone, don't need it any more.

$12 for this.

Finally, a sealed bag of Estes wadding.

This is free with a purchase of any other item to the first person to tell me the answer to the following trivia question:
What mathematical sequence is encoded in the fraction 1/89?

I'll add some more stuff as I find it.
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I apologize for the delay. I got called in to work a few shifts that I wasn't expecting.
I'm 13 years old! I don't own one, and I have needed one for a while now. If it's still available, I'll take it off your hands! :)
PM sent!

Andrew, for a small investment (paper, glue, an Xacto knife, and some cardboard or foamcore (from Dollar Tree)), you can make fin alignment guides yourself that IMHO work far better than the alignment guide.

You can download free patterns (customized to your rocket's body tube diameter, number of fins, and fin thickness) at payloadbay.com 's website in the tools page. Print it, apply it to the cardboard or foamcore, and cut it out. Works great, is reusable, and you can claim (truthfully) that you made it yourself.