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YES....YES....YES....YES..... prayers have been answered ,just ordered two Sidewinders !! first time ordering from you !

Paul T
Thanks Marc.My friend ordered from you a while ago and was very pleased with you.I`ve been looking for this kit for many months (I started a tread in the mid-power forum) and finally have 2 !
I plan building one and then upscaling it to a 3" body tube.I saw your build and bookmarked it quite awhile ago.

Thanks again !

mine flys great on the D12, built stock per instructions.arrow strait.. I was suprised as I thought it might fly more like a real sidewinder..
Got my two kits today(the elusive TLP Sidewinder).....very fast service !!

This guy`s on my GREAT VENDOR list .

Thanks Mark

Paul T
Those Sidewinders didn't last very long :)

For those who missed the opportunity to snag one, another shipment has just arrived. It includes more Sidewinder kits and several other kits that sold out quickly.

I ordered a TLP Hawk and Harpoon on a Wed AM and by Fri PM they were on my doorstep. Great service Thanks!