The James Cockman Memorial Rocket

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Dec 14, 2004
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A few months ago my half sister Fawn Cockman's Grandfather was murdered. His name was James (Jim) Cockman. In his memory i constructed my first fully fabricated rocket. nothing was bought for this rocket. the body tube was made from an old nerf gun. The Nose Cone i carved out of tightly pressed sitr foam. the rod slide i made from an old hunting arrow. the engine mount i made from some cardboard and aluminum cans for strength. it was made to form a cluster mount of 3 a, b, or c motors. shock cord was made from a rubber band, parachute from a foot locker bag and some fishing line. the fins were made from cardboard as well. its about 2 - 2 1/2 and a half feet tall. and a lil over 2 inches thick on the bottom and the top half is a lil under 2 inches thick. i painted it too extreme to explain but its a gleaming red and black. i havent yet goten around to launchin it, when i presented it to fawns mother (daughter of Jim Cockman) she was unsure of wanting to launch it or not, especially with my questionability on how well itd launch.