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Apr 29, 2004
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Anyone see The Incredibles yet? Thoughts? Opinions?

We're going this Friday!
My kids (9 and 12) absolutely loved it. We laughed, we cried, it became a part of us. Have fun on Friday. You will enjoy it. :)
Another great movie from the fine (and talented) folks at Pixar. You're going to love it!

It is ... Incredible!!
The Incredibles is a really, well, incredible movie! I give it 5 stars. we saw it on opening day, Friday was my birthday.

you don't see much of the bad guy's rocket but it's a cool rocket. and the hypersonic glider is cool too. I haven't found any screen shots of it yet.

the rocket reminded me a bit of the Totenkopf's Ark in Sky Captain.
My wife and I took the family to see it on opening night and thought it was fun. We didn't think it was completely up to par with the other Pixar movies (Toy Story/2, Bugs Life, Nemo, etc.), but enjoyed it nonetheless.

Had some pretty obnoxious kids in the theater though; pretty uncontrolled.
Awesome movie! If you loved the Buzz Lightyear intro in Toy Story 2 then hang on because it seems like they incorporated those elements of excitement in the movie. I just couldn't get over the "tech" stuff when they infiltrate the bad guy's island. Absolutely fantastic movie. I'll be going to see it again this week.
I love the movie!!! It's really good!!!

Now I don't feel alone when I felt this urge to clone the glider :D

My three year old boy and seven year old girl loved it, as did the wife and I. They were locked on the whole 2 hrs.

I'm now living with Dash and Violet.

I'll definately buy it when it comes out on DVD.
Nemo/Toy story were great. This was good. Go see it - it's good entertainment.

What happened to the part in the previews where he's trying to get his suit on, and he asks for a salad for dinner? Did I miss this in the movie?

(ex-alaskan myself! - Elmendorf)
What happened to the part in the previews where he's trying to get his suit on, and he asks for a salad for dinner? Did I miss this in the movie?

I didn't see it either. Maybe I'm going blind :D

Maybe it was a deleted scene that would fit in a preview.
just saw it today, lots of fun but the salad sceen was NOT in it. i wanted to clone the rocket as soon as i saw it.
Originally posted by huxley
What happened to the part in the previews where he's trying to get his suit on, and he asks for a salad for dinner? Did I miss this in the movie?

That "teaser trailer" scene was specifically created to be used as a trailer. Which is why it's not in the movie. :)
I generally don't go to see these cartoon flicks on the big screen but gave in this time. My wife and I both enjoyed it!
The SAMs they launched from the islands when Elastrigirl and the kids are going to save Mr. Incredible look a heckuva lot like Honest Johns with really short versions of the HJ nosecone. Anyone got screenshots?

Took the family yesterday to see it. I thought it was fantastic. There was a piece in the NY Times yesterday about the issue of schools celebrating mediocrity raised in the movie. My wife and I really enjoyed the issues raised and the dead-on depiction of middle aged parenthood. Beside that, it is hysterically funny at times and the animation is beautiful. Yes, someone needs to get a shot of the big rocket for modeling purposes.
Drew Tomko
Saw it with the wife and son (6 yrs old) on Friday, liked it! Of course I immediately thought "Hey Estes should make a kit of this rocket!"

Great movie. Can't wait until "Cars" comes out tho!
I agree with you was a great movie! Superb story line. I though it would be more about superheroes in general rather than tthe actual family. I thought the funniest part about it was how they had to deal with real family issues that you see every day...just with super powers added into the mix.

I also really loved the 60's styling used in the was dead on, and that rocket is just itching to be cloned! Very cool, and a definite 7-motor cluster :D
I thought it was a great show. My sons, 7 and 9 also enjoyed it. It seemed a little more mature than Nemo and Bug's Life, so I think I enjoyed it more than them. Maybe I just related better to the "middle aged parent" thing. ;) I can't say if the boys liked it more or less than the others. My sons are getting a PS2 for Christmas, and I think the game will be neat. THe animation should be just about the same as the movie.
And the SAM style missiles from earlier in the movie...I have some other detail shots of the main rocket, if anyone wants them.
I like the SAM missile closeup. I might put it on my to do list...

Hmm.... Looks like a Von Braun concept, Dave in KCAR modeled the VB rocket before.