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Jul 1, 2012
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Does anyone know anything about this company? Their website had some good prices but were difficult to contact - always an answering machine and no response to emails.

Da Dog
Don't know, I was also considering placing an order with these folks, but since it seems they don't have time to respond to customers email or phone calls, they probably dont have time for your business! It also seems they've let their paypal verification run out yet they still have the "Paypal verified" logo on their order page
I'm not sure what happened to this dealer either. A few months ago, I sent an e-mail to him because I was interested in ordering a Binder Design Stealth. After a week waiting for a reply that I never got and stil haven't gotten to this day, I just gave up and ordered the kit from Binder Design directly.

I think that if you're not in the busines anymore, the least that you could do would be to take down your website.