The flight of the Ju-Ju Bee

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Oct 21, 2014
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"Ju-Ju Bee" is actually a special, super-light version of the Shadow Aero Shock Value X rocket. This flight was a collaboration between myself and another ROC member. With the loaded K1100, recovery system, computer, and nose weight, the rocket weighed in at under 10 pounds. The up part of the flight was perfect but the rocket suffered a computer error that caused an early drogue ejection and corruption of flight data. We simulated that the rocket would reach 11,000 feet and mach 1.6. Not too shabby! The rocket is a little damaged but it will fly again for sure.

Hey David, welcome to the forum! That was a great flight of your shock. Too bad about the zippering. I was unable to find the motor casing while out on the lakebed this weekend. Hopefully it will be spotted at the upcoming ROC launch.:)
I have a Shadow Aero bird i hope to fly at XPRS in Sept.
nice shot!
Originally posted by gerbs4me
oh yeah
K1100's rock!!:) sweet pic
Yeah I love K1100's. I can't think of a better way to burn up $100 in 1.6 seconds!
Ahhh, so you're they guy that owes me a Pepsi :)

Somehow I missed the announcment of your rocket, and was completly unprepared for the lauch. Just as I glanced onto the range your bird went up so loud and so fast that I jumped and dropped the can.

I love the feeling :)