The Deuce is wild, but Praetor is majestic....

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Feb 19, 2009
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It was a perfect day here in Oklahoma. 65 degF....light winds....a few puffy clouds....sounds like it time to launch some rockets....round up the kids.

Pratt Positron / 2 flights
Quest Mirage / 1 flight (7 yr old Emily's "Hello Kitty" rocket)
Der Red Max Clone / 1 perfect flight on a C6-5
CamoMax / Nice flight...recovery botched when chute didn't open all the way. Still got it back in one piece.
X-24 Bug (Dad's) 1 heads up flight...these things are CRAZY
X-24 Bug (8 yr old Philip's) ditto

Then came the first flight of the Praetor on a B6-4. WOW...this thing flies great. Big, slow, and beautiful. I would have loaded it for another flight, but this particular B6-4 had a "bonus" ejection charge that burned a hole in a Nomex heat shield and sooted up the body tube. BIG pop when the chute came out.

Can't wait to try it out on a C6-5.

The Deuce's Wild is cool....The Praetor is classy.

A good day,
I seen the Praetor fly many times... I will build mine real soon. I am thinking about glassin the fins... because me think a D13 would look nice in this bird :D
Originally posted by CTulanko
That's one of the few Fliskits I don't of these days.

Oh, I can see it coming..... A 38mm upscale Praetor......:D

no! :)

Way too much to do as is and besides, those fins would be a bite to keep on under hpr power!

Oh, don't get me started, Rocketmaniac!

Actually, I had planned building an upscale Praetor in either 24mm or 29mm size, to use the low thrust (less than 40n-s average thrust) motors...

Uh, oh..... :kill:

As if I didn't have enough crap on and around the build table already..........

Originally posted by CTulanko
those fins would be a bite to keep on under hpr power!

Oh man...... I thought with TTW / Fin Can assembly they would be fine....... An 1.9X upscale (1.63" orginal, and 3.1" upscale) would mean 11.4" fins........

Oh well, thought I might entice you into another upscale...
I've always loved the Praetor and it's Kathy's favorite :)

As for an upscale, it *would* look cool, but those fins would scare me to death! Bet if they got to fluttering, they'd *buzz* like crazy LOL

One of the things I really like about it is you get *so* much rocket in such a small package :)
An upscale of the Praetor would be tough, that's for sure. The fins are so long and thin....but really, it flies like a big rocket the way it is. Slow...powerful launch. Straight as an arrow with a slight roll. At apogee it slowly arcs over...puff of marker smoke and out comes the chute. It landed not 20 feet from the pad. Very cool.

I painted mine in a military motif. Olive Drab with gloss yellow nose and gloss yellow on the tips of the fins. Two gloss red stripes at 45deg angle close together on the upper tube. "U.S. Army" sticker along the lower fuselage...and a "Let's Roll" 9/11 nose art sticker towards the top.

Randy...not going to see an upscale here...It would have to be really re-inforced and put up under a low impulse motor.'s all yours bro! :)

Originally posted by CTulanko
It would have to be really re-inforced and put up under a low impulse motor.'s all yours bro! :)

I might in time try and upscale it....... But I really need to finish a few of my projects I have started...... I was mainly trying to "egg you on" :D :D since you have done such a great job with the other upscales.....