The der Red Max - Maxi Project Begins....

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Feb 19, 2009
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And so the project begins....

I rec'd the nose cone from Sandman today. VERY NICE! Fabulous craftsmanship on the nose cone!

I'm planning on a BT80 size der Red Max (1.58 scale). Through the wall fins....exchangeable motor mounts for various combinations of Estes / RMS / clusters....baffle system that's removeable for cleaning...etc...etc

I need to clean up my CAD drawings and get a good material list. Then it's a order to BMS for "stuff"....some cluster kits from John at ThrustAero....

Astronboy, if you see this thread....can you make an upscale set of DRM decals?

I'll keep ya'll up to date as the project goes on.

Now for a pic....


That would be a 1.589X upscale!

I didn't have much room to sign it.


My old Starrett calipers don't read to 1/10,000 on an inch. I have to get out the micrometers for that!

(I picture you standing in front of a lathe, sawdust peppering your hair and eyebrows, reading a vernier scale on an old micrometer......just for a piece of wood that will be flung into the sky with a tail of smoke and flame....)

Man I love this hobby. I can't remember why I ever stopped.

Another pathetic BAR,
John (not Fred)
I only stopped long enough to clear the balsa dust from my lungs!