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May 25, 2004
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Well tomorrow I enter the world of HPR with my L1 attempt with my 3" Iris. I hope all goes well and cant wait to see how far this takes me. As some of you can tell ive jumped into this hobby in a big way. Hell a month ago I was a BAR and now I have my own web store and am supplying other vendors with my rocket products. I owe most of this to all you guys with all your help. This Forum has been the best with all the info here. Thanks everyone.

Wow! Good luck! Certing with a redline? Those are fun... :) Hope ya get it! If not, make sure it'll fly, and throw another motor in it. That's what my dad did. rocket launch, chute didn't fully open, came down pretty hard. Put another motor in, perfect.. :D
Sweet! I hope you get your Level1 Dbarrm! What motor are you flying it on ? How did the Iris build go , any pictures?
Good luck! :)
Redline? did you say Redline?

"ZooM ZooM ZooM" (Mazda theme song start)

Awesome motor choice (can I still use the word awesome nowadays?) Good luck on your cert flight, hope to read and see the excellent results later this evening...:)
Good luck!!

I just got my updated card, that level 1 looks good. Can't wait for Level 2.
What a day, It started out raining but that cleared up, The camcorder was in the chair when the wind kicked up and knocked the chair over and broke it and I left the camera in the car.


The launch was a complete sucsess. A little long on the delay (H153-13) shaved down to 10 but still a good deployment and recovery.

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Originally posted by Dbarrm
The launch was a complete sucsess.

Congrats!!!!!! The H153 was the motor I used to get my L1....... Not a bad choice for a cert flight......

Again, congrat....... Welcome to the big whole of High Powered Flight!!!!!
Cool , congrats Dbarrm ! You've only realy just started getting back into rocketry , and allready you have your level1 , congrats once again!
Did anyone get any pics ? Do you have a estimated alt?
Congratulations! I certified with the same motor in my BSD Horizon. Easy motor to prep and clean up...