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Papa Elf
Jan 21, 2009
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Penns Creek, PA

One thing I noticed about the I130 was it had no visible flame until after the rocket left the rail. Very cool motor. Almost 5 second burn... the grain is looks like a giant G64 grain. They are still certified till June of next year. I have 1 load left, but I know where I could get more :)


I got a new 390 nozzle, so after my next I-ROC is built, and I insstall its electronics, I will fly it again. I am currious to see if the second motor I have does the same thing.
send the second motor to me to save you the hassle of testing:D
Kosdon? COOL!

I have seen only one Kosdon, and it was a fast low smoke Kosdon...I believe I still have the knot that was jerked in my neck :D
nope. Frank Kosdon made these loads. I even have a Dirty Harry version load. It is not certified though :(. I static fired one. Cool Motor.

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