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Aug 15, 2012
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Finished off the Aerotech Astrobee D this weekend. Perty much a stock build, except for:
NC is removable. Seems like alot of wasted space that could be used for an alt or other "payload". Three screws are incorporated into the decal screws.
I went with the "flight" and "launch" decals as I thought both made a nice touch.
I replaced the launch lugs with rail buttons. As this rocket is a bit on the "overstable" side, I thought it would give the best chance for stability after leaving the pad.
An here's the full view. I another week or so, I'll give 'er the once over with Future. Especially the fins and NC, as they'll take the most "abuse" on landing.
wow, an eye-popping finish!!! nice job.
Wow Stones! That's really cool! I have one of these that I am modifying to carry an altimeter (likely a Missileworks RRC2X) and will be capable of handling any motor from the 29/40-120 to the 29/240 case (that's F52 to H238, for you non-educated types ;) ) She should SCREAM on the!!! I think that'll be my next project - but the wallet's empty at the moment, ya know? I'll likely borrow the altimeter for it's first flight, but then I'll buy one.

Anyways, 5 outta 5 to you Stones. Great job! She's one big rocket! Attached is a picture of mine naked, pretty much just a test fit.

Originally posted by jetra2
(that's F52 to H238, for you non-educated types ;) )

Well... technically it's an H220T for the 240 case... the 238T is just a wimpy 180 case... but I won't tell anyone if you don't :D It'll take both in stride, I'm sure!

WOW Stones... that's a GREAT finish on that bird! When do you plan on first flying her?
Originally posted by daveyfire
When do you plan on first flying her?
I'm figuring on any low wind day, with temps at least 40* or so. We cant get to 30* right now and 20's actually feels warm compared to the below 0 that we've been getting. ;)
I'll probably throw 'er up on a G35 for the maiden flight. I"m going with the stock two chute recovery, one for each airframe section.
Anyone have a "foolproof" way of making sure both chutes make it out at ejection? I know about putting the upper section chute in first and all that but, thought maybe those of you who have flown this one may have some wisdom on what works well.

Stones does a GREAT job finishing all his projects, and his enthusiasm for the hobby is great! He finally flew this model this past weekend, and as is notorious for this kit, the two sections intertwined the chutes for about two-thirds of the descent, but they worked their way apart for the final third down. Scale has always been one of my faves, and I have one of these in the box I think I am finally going to start building! And Stones, since I have seen it again and the beautiful work you did on it, it may just be my next project, once I get some final stuff for the re-launch of Sirius out of the way. The OTRFA has a nice little group going, and it is nice to not have to travel to Bong to fly all the time!

Thanks Stones for a nice Saturday!

Loading up the Astrobee with 2 chutes gives you reason to pause. You just can't help but feel there's trouble on the horizon. Actually, the chutes didn't tangle but, the antenna mount grabbed the shockcord of the lower BT. Came down in a big "V".
Ya know, that rocket didn't even get a scratch in the Future top coat. ;)
Wow! You did a fantastic job on the Astrobee. This has always been one of my favorite rockets. When I saw it in a hobby shop, I became a BAR.

I liked it so much that not only did I build a stock one, but I built a beefed up one for my L1 flight. On the L1, I modified the nose/payload section to carry an altimeter. You can check out the stock one here.

The one with the altimeter bay is here.

Once again.. Great Job!

Tnx for the cudos Brittain and back at ya! I bookmarked your site and will spend sometime browsing it. It looks very informative and the pics are nice too.