Thanks to moderators


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Mar 14, 2004
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It's a tough job, between reading everything, having to consider the rules with equanimity, and putting up with the occasional pooper in the punch bowl.

I used to moderate the Apple and Writing forums, co-moderate the Deaf and Moderator forums on Fidonet, and regularly metamoderate Slashdot. It's not easy in several ways. Doing it well takes application of several talents. Everyone here does it well.

People who have a problem with moderation usually have refused to grasp the fact that moderation is done by the OWNER(s) and their DULY AUTHORIZED AGENTS, and that owners have every right to do any darn thing they please with their own private property. And that by volunteering to let others use their forum they have the responsibility and task of editorial oversight. They have both the right and the responsibility to do these things. Most intentional, repeat violators are really just trying to flaunt violation than they care about making a point of any kind.

Fidonet moderation was easier. We all knew these things. We could remove posts, and we could instruct a system operator to block a user from a forum, or completely from Fidonet access. If they didn't, we could have the local net block that site. We had the authority and the power, and rarely had to use it. When we did, it worked well and quickly. Most users appreciated this, and some said so, which made it not a thankless job.

So, I'm saying so. Thank you. I appreciate having access to a forum where anyone of any age can participate. I especially appreciate it being useable by younger users not only because they often ask the very basic questions that challenge my so called wisdom, but because it's important for me to see that they are just as capable of any "adult" in terms of both rocketry, and behaving in a responsible manner. More adults should be exposed to that latter point more often.

Strangely enough, those who tend to be repeat violators are not insensitive to the rules. Rather, they are over sensitive to the rules and authority, and are exercising their expression to prove their own abilities (though often in an irresponsible manner). This is well known to, and frequently made use of, in military training. The jerk who refuses to comply with the rules in basic training gets made squad leader and ends up not only being very good at it, but setting an example in following the rules.

No, I'm not suggesting someone to be made moderator. It's just an intersting point of human nature, and armed with this people can handle the problem better. Then again, when you've got so much to do and so little time to do it, pulling the plug works a treat.