Thanks to all at R.O.C. today 9 July 2016

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Apr 29, 2015
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Apple Valley, Ca
Yesterday July 9th 2016 was really windy at R.O.C. from the time I arrived at 7:30 AM until the time I left at 12:30 PM. My intent was to fly my Estes Ascender that I just completed the night before, but the winds had me become a spectator. There seemed to be more spectators than flyers and the day seemed to be slower than usual at most R.O.C. events.

By 11:30 AM I decided there needed to be more participants and decided to kick it up a notch and enlist for battle at the recruiting booth and not let the big W defeat us. I loaded the Ascender with a Hobby Lobby special F15-6 angled the rocket toward the wind and after a second attempt, the fuse lit and she flew straight according to the announcer.

At 770 feet according to Jolly Logic the parachute deployed and the wind carried her east toward the highway out of sight with a green 24" parachute.

I want to THANK the first responder in the green pick up truck that was leaving for the day. He recovered my Ascender and handed it to a group in a gray pick up truck the second responders (THANKS YOU GUYS)and they in turn returned it to the recruiting table for the 3rd change of hands. The guy at the table (THANK YOU)was rolling up my parachute nicely and getting it ready for pick up for the one who lost it. I also want to thank the guys in the white truck for helping me do my laundry before the launch and the R.O.C. staff at the inspection table for correcting my loose payload bay. Thanks to all you guys at R.O.C.