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Jan 30, 2009
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I know, individually, these kits have already been featured. But since I just now have finished mine, and they may not have been shown as a complete set, this is a tribute to Estes and a memory to our troops in IRAQ. For first timers, these are quality kits and the paint schemes of the PATRIOT and CLUSTER BOMB are fairly easy!:) The PAVEWAY and PYTHON are more challenging. I have begun the OUTLANDER build and thanks to the members of TRF it will be 24mm powered. The RENEGADE will follow. If ESTES will keep turning out kits like these every year, I will be HAPPY and BROKE!!;)
Beautiful job billEblurzz, and great photo, too.

Really nice to see all 4 missiles together. Way impressive.

And here I was thinkin' all you was interested in was them li'l cars on strings. ;)
That should have been the cover photo for their 2004 catalog.
you always do great finishing work!!

I'm building a Patriot tonight. if mine turns out a fraction as well as yours I will be thrilled.

too bad the real Patriots didn't work. I'll be sure to only launch mine when there are other rockets around :)
Wow!Their awesome! I have the Python & BLU-97B , but there no where near as nice as that!! Good job!!
I really like my Patriot. Added a tad of nose weight and fly it on D engines. Great flyer!

I should note, however, that the dad-gummed self adhesive decals stink. After the first flight, they bubbled and rippled, particularly the lower body wrap. Probably due to the heat of the motor and ejection. I sure miss the waterslides..... :mad:

*Great* job on your rockets! I hope you don't have the same decal problem that I did....
those are all beautiful.

That patriot is a great looking rocket.....I am gonna have to build one
Just out of curiosity , isnt the Estes Bull Pup part of 'Operation Enduring Freedom' set , or is it just a standard kit ?
Thanks for the kind comments everyone! Gus....Gus?....has anyone told you that you bear an uncanny resemblance to MY favorite of the ORIGINAL MERCURY SEVEN ASTRONAUTS????:eek: :eek: ....."little cars on strings???":mad: How about THIS rig on 4 E9-Ps and 400' of STEEL CABLE!!!:D
That looks awesome , have you 'launched' it yet? Im still making my 'merc , well done!